Unrealistic Expectation

Physique progress is rarely quick, save for the 1% of the genetic elite. Whether it’s in terms of losing fat or gaining muscle, it doesn’t happen overnight. Many of the best professional bodybuilders are all in their 30’s, some in their 40’s because of how long it can take to be great in the sport of bodybuilding. Even for the regular gym goer for example, if you see someone at the gym that you think looks really good, maybe someone that you’d like to look like one day. If you were to ask them how long they’ve been working out for or how their diet is, they’d likely tell you they’ve been working out very consistently for a year + and they eat very well. In today’s society, everyone talks about “instant gratification” , how everyone wants everything, and they want it now. Well, when it comes to creating a good physique, instant gratification is rarely possible.

With lifestyle clients, progress can come very slow. It could take 6+ months to see a truly noticeable difference in one’s physique. Especially for the average lifestyle client, one that works out and eats healthy a good portion of the time, yet still goes out and enjoys themselves. It is very easy for lifestyle clients to get discouraged when they aren’t seeing progress as fast as they want. However, if they’re creating a sustainable approach they can adhere to and be 80% on track and not fall off the plan, that’s huge. They will end up with a far better physique as opposed to someone who can adhere 100% for 3 months and then fall off entirely.

For bodybuilding clients, the offseason can be quite a slog. Progress can’t always be seen week to week, especially once you get into the thick of it. It can often be difficult for the client to see if progress is being made with higher body fat levels. Putting on muscle can take a fair bit of time, and sometimes with weekly check-ins it puts the idea in their head that they need to be making leaps and bounds every week. However, that is not the case. There is no quantum leap that is going to happen in the offseason, it’s a slow and steady grind for most and the true progress shows at the end getting ready for a competition.

It’s no different for myself, I always have high expectations when it comes to my bodybuilding career. I want that instant gratification, and I want it now. (lol) It’s not realistic though, and I have the patience and persistence to continue to put in the work day in and day out to get to where I want to be. It can often be difficult for me to gauge progress all the time in the offseason when my body fat gets higher, and I can get down on myself, but I keep in mind this is a process and if I continue to make each day as perfect as possible, it will result in more progress.

Moral of the story is: as a society obsessed with getting everything we want instantly, don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Don’t be overly hard on yourself, be firm, but not to the point of it being detrimental. If you’re giving it your absolute best and you know it, then there is nothing left to be done. If you give it your best, progress will come.

As always if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out or on Instagram @Mattgoz9.

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