Track These 3 Things For Great Progress!

Seeing results in your physique is not an overly complicated task. It can be quite simple if you have a plan and track a few important factors, however just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. Tracking key variables when it comes to your fitness is very similar to how businesses keep track of certain metrics to gauge their performance. Ensuring to track these three factors will put you on a fast track to seeing the results you want to see in your physique.

First and foremost, tracking your nutrition is key to ensuring you're making progress. Ensuring that you know how many calories you're consuming day in and day out will make a sizable difference in whatever workout program you may be following. Your body is a machine and if you're putting different amounts of fuel into it on a regular basis, there's no telling what type of results you're going to get out of it. Over-fueling one day, and under-fueling the next will leave you in a cycle of going nowhere.

Secondly, tracking your workouts. The same principle from tracking your nutrition can be applied here. If you're constantly burning a different amount of calories each day, it leaves you in the same position as under fueling or over fueling your body. Weight training as well, if you're not tracking what lifts you're performing, and doing different lifts from week to week, it once again becomes impossible to know what type of results you're going to get. Having a set amount of workouts and knowing what you'll be doing in each of them, along with keeping track of those workouts, will provide you with a consistent baseline in the gym that you can adjust accordingly. (ie. not exercising enough, or over-exercising)

Lastly, would be your recovery. Tracking your rest days and sleep is the easiest way to ensure proper recovery. When you're working out, you're essentially "beating your body up". Your body needs time to recover and adapt from all those workouts in order to come back better. Ensuring you're having consistent days off from working out will allow your body to better recover and come back to your next workout better than before.

Tracking your sleep is also very important for ensuring proper recovery. Sleep is where your body repairs itself and is able to recover the most effectively. Having a set time where you go to sleep and wake up can help ensure you're getting an adequate amount of sleep. Once again, if you're never getting the same amount of sleep day after day, your body will not always be recovered or be able to perform as well during your workouts, leaving you with less than optimal results.

Tracking these variables is simple, yet many don't do it and complain that they aren't seeing any changes in their bodies from working out and eating healthy. It's not as easy as just going through the motions of going to the gym and "eating healthy." It requires more effort to be put in and if you're willing to put that effort in, and track these factors, then you will reap the rewards from it, and you'll be glad you did.

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