Consistency & Progress

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The biggest struggle people face when attempting to make progress in regards to fitness, whether it is to: lose weight, build muscle, or live a healthier lifestyle is consistency. It's not hard to follow a healthy diet or workout program for a week, but doing it day in & day out is difficult & easily overwhelming to many. Not to mention most people do not have a plan when it comes to their diet or their exercise, leading them to eat a different amount of calories daily, along with performing different types of exercise in the gym.

When there is no consistency to a program it becomes very hard to gauge results & progress because you are doing something different everyday (eating a different amount of calories, weight training some days & performing cardio others etc..). It becomes a necessity to have a routine & to stick to it. Once you are consistent it becomes far easier to track & monitor results. View it in terms of a math equation, your nutrition is variable "X", your exercise is variable "Y" & your body is the result "Z" (X+Y=Z). When both the X & Y variable are constant it will produce a constant result of Z. Changing one of those variables while keeping the other consistent will produce a change in your results & body that becomes easy to track & monitor.

Focus on getting your consistency down & reap the benefits of it! Once you nail your consistency you will easily be able to see whether you may need to tweak your nutrition or your exercise program in order to continue progressing towards your goals!

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