Comprehensive Answers

What is the difference between coaching and a program?

The difference between coaching and a program is that coaching is a monthly fee that includes check ins & adjustments to your program based off the prior weeks results in order to ensure the client is continuing to make progress towards his/her goals. In a program there is no check in or constant contact and it is a one time fee for the program.

What are your nutrition, supplement or workout programs like? & what do they consist of?

Workout, supplement & nutrition programs are custom designed based on your lifestyle, goals & preference. Workout programs can be simple as a weekly set up describing what body-part to train and when, or as detailed as specific exercises along with rep ranges for each workout. Nutrition programs are once again based on the client's lifestyle & preference. These programs can be detailed meal plans with what foods to eat & when or macro nutrient based plans where the client simply tracks their calories and macronutrients in an app such as myfitnesspal. 

Do you work with beginners?

I do not work with beginners. I coach bodybuilding competitors and experienced lifters. My ideal client is motivated and progress driven, willing to do what it takes in order to reach their goals.