Personalized Training and Nutrition Coaching from an Award-Winning National Bodybuilder

"I help motivated men and experienced lifters build muscle, and burn fat in order to face challenges without doubt, fear, or insecurity."
"Recognized as one of the top physique competitors in my class, I have spent years honing my training and dietary knowledge. With my knowledge and your discipline, I'm positive we will reach your fitness goals. "

Matt Gozdecki, Founder & Owner

About Me


I've had a passion for bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition from the age of 14. I played a variety of different sports in middle school, but never seemd to excel in any of them. But I did enjoy training for them in the weight room... seeing my body and strength progress was an addictive feeling. I discovered the sport of bodybuilding a little later and once I knew there was a sport dedicated to lifting weights and building muscle, there was no turning back. 

Since my first bodybuilding competing in 2013 I have since competed in twelve more shows, won multiple 1st place trophies, along with four separate top five finishes at national level pro-qualifying bodybuilding competitions. My end goal is to be a professional bodybuilder and stand on the Mr. Olympia stage in Las Vegas with the other top competitors in the world.

Since then I have become a personal trainer with experience in different settings such as commercial gyms, my university's health & recreation center, along with a private gym. At these facilities I gained different experience  in: 1 on 1 personal training, high school athletics, and group fitness classes. My clients have ranged from sixteen year old football players to retired 65 year olds looking to improve their lifestyles. I have also acquired my J3U Bodybuilding Coaching course certification, which is considered to be one of the leading sources of information, all topics bodybuilding related.


Client Results


In 10 weeks, Brock Balderson reshaped his body composition, retained all his muscle while dropping a large amount of body fat with only a 5lb difference in his bodyweight. 

" I knew I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. Obvious result, I chose Matt as my coach. I knew it would be near impossible to find someone with more knowledge about the sport. Thank you for showing me how to follow a proper diet, cardio, and training program and to build my physique beyond what I ever fathomed. Thank you for pushing me past my comfort zone. You're a true genius and others would be honored to work with you if they are serious about changing their bodies, which in turn will positively impact their lives" -Brock Balderson


Riley reinvented his physique naturally gaining a total of 10lbs of muscle while dropping significant amounts of body fat.

"Working with Matt was absolutely amazing. From the very beginning he was was on board and full of energy which in turn had a positive effect on me. He never sugar coated anything and kept it real throughout. His approachability made it very easy to be honest even when I messed up. His methods work wonders and I will always recommend him to anyone who asks." - Riley Ray